Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Den Juden ist verboten.

Here, on the lowest rung of the socioeconomic ladder - a rotting, termite infested rung that could snap at any minute under the weight of an ounce of good luck - the situation is dire. At the Family Dollar, or as it should be called, the Family Tweaker, I have noticed checkout lines growing longer due to the growing inability of patrons being able to grasp the procedure of swiping their food stamp cards through the reader. One poor lady and her enabler took a solid 5 minutes swiping and reswiping their card after the cashier told them they didn't have enough of a balance to pay for all the items. So she just get swiping and swiping.. and if it weren't for the bouncer they had to hire for people like her, she probably would have kept swiping for 30 more days until Obama replenished her balance.

Imagine Sharon Stone's character in Casino multiplied by Marissa Tomei rasied to the Ellen Burstyn in Requiem for Dream power, and you have what I see everyday on the streets here. People who have nothing left to lose and have lost it, never to return from the depths of the modern concentration camp of subsidized housing and soup kitchens. Who needs armed guards to watch SSN 068-46-1736 on her clockwork schedule of shooting some dope, heading to the Family Tweaker for diapers she only forgets to put on her baby, then to the soup kitchen for dinner after she wakes up? What it looks like to me is the methodical extermination of the underclass through the institutionalization of poverty, letting people dig their own graves without being a direct party to the massacre.

Perhaps the economy is getting better.  Perhaps I am just observing only what the tower spotlights allow me to on their sweeps beyond the barbed wire. I hear Germany was a great place to live in 1937 as long as you didn't have the Star of David above your door.

I wouldn't know.

Welcome to the New N├śrmal.

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